About Me

The Goal
The goal of this site is to help the average working person find a strategy that works for their busy schedules and also out performs the average mutual fund returns. Trading is not easy, but with patience, a base set of rules, and humility you can achieve significant and consistent returns from the market.

Latest Update
In 2014 I developed an application to help manage my own accounts and a few friends and family accounts. It's an hybrid approach combining stock selection from my Post Earnings Basket strategy with automated buy and sell execution.

Why Patient Fisherman?
After some serious self evaluation, I decided to find an outlet for my my passions and skills. The Patient Fisherman is a way for me to bring those passions together and hopefully produce something of interest and utility for you.

I have been trading for over a decade, experiencing some good years and some bad. It wasn’t until I stumbled onto the Stockbee site that I was able to hone and focus my skills to consistently achieve positive results.

My trading style is also heavily influenced by the research and books from William O'Neil, Charles Kirkpatrick, Richard Love and Michael Carr to name a few.

Finally, I have been lucky enough to work in an industry that allows me to design and produce products that have helped people achieve all types of personal and professional success.

After spending over a decade creating applications for others, I wanted to focus that ability on tools that would help streamline the stock selection process and help other working people succeed in trading stocks. All of the tools found on this site were built to aid my trading efforts while maintaining a full-time job. Hopefully, you will get as much use out of them as I do on a daily basis.


Testimonials and Reviews

Top 100 Blogs of 2011 (#41) - The Kirk Report

Bluefin is working people's dream machine. If you are a working person with no time to run scans and do research and yet quickly find opportunities then Bluefin is for you. When DC started designing the Bluefin machine his primarily goal was to find a way to trade while working. We discussed the concept for several weeks and put a structure behind it to do all things required to find swing ideas in a jiffy. It has both the standard breakouts scan I use, but also breakout anticipation scans. Emerging opportunities is best example of that. There is a little bit of learning curve involved in using it, but once you understand all the capabilities you will find out how it is very powerful way to find swing trading opportunities. – Pradeep Bonde of StockBee

From my initial observations and use of it, I think Dan has created a nice inexpensive tool many new traders would find helpful. – Charles E. Kirk of The Kirk Report

Bluefin has fantastic potential for me. I am a lifelong student of the market and trading. And with a wife and two children, and a job, leaving me little precious time to improve my trading, Bluefin is a godsend. –torosotrader>>

I am starting to invest some time to understand BlueFin and its much more than it appears on the surface. Kudos for what you have done and allowing us regular folk to benefit from your hard work and innovation. –anonymous

You've made me $1,000 so far today. Many Thanks!! – Mark>>

I am one of those traders with a job during market hours and no access to many of the charting and scanning tools needed to trade during the day. I scrambled to find a way to get access to scans and watchlists when away from home. Bluefin has fulfilled this need and has added a new dimension to my trading. Bluefin has everything a trader needs to access intraday to trade Stockbee's methods. Not only am I able to access stocks meeting Stockbee's entry signal scans, but Bluefin provides other useful watchlists as well. My personal favorite has been the "Sector 50" list. I have used this list to find stocks with good setups in the strongest sectors. This list took a lot of leg work out of finding the best stocks in the highest rated sectors, a huge time saver. The greatest thing about Bluefin is that it gives the ability to scan a list of stocks and their charts in a flash...a trader can scan setups at lighting speed using Bluefin and the time and effort is streamlined to that task. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold. The fisherman has definitely helped me get better at my trading process and Bluefin has become the most important tool in my toolbox, even more important than my own charting software. Wonderful platform! – bh

It is a very quick tool to use. The scan results are presented in a spreadsheet fashion, which means you can SORT the results by whatever column you wish. But my favorite feature is that you can simply HOVER your mouse over the link in the far right column, and a FINVIZ daily chart pops right up next to your mouse. So you never have to leave the spreadsheet. I just move my mouse down the page and the popup charts tell me in an instant if I like the setup or not.
I would say that maybe this is similar to driving a car with automatic transmission versus driving a car with a stick shift. Sure you have much more control with a stick shift, and it's fun to do the shifting yourself, but hey, automatic transmission does a pretty awesome job of getting you from point a to point b with a minimum of pain and hassle.
I like Bluefin. I am going to learn Telechart. I am sure I will prefer one over the other for my day-to-day. But for the time being, I do not feel in the least that I am missing out by not using Telechart. Thanks Dan and Pradeep for a really great tool!  I am very happy with it.  ~greginmarin

Subtly and not so subtly I have mentioned that my success this year has come from the PEAD approach and using the Bluefin Post Earnings Surprise list as my primary source of setups. This year the market has rewarded earnings growth. - Laser Trader

I owe these past few weeks of great trades to you and the PEADs. I'm sort of a resistive type personality (as if you hadn't noticed). However, I've now fully accepted the PEAD as my setup. So I'm respecting my rules more.  I'd gone against it using my old bad habits.
THESE PEADS behave a lot less irrationally. What a dummy I've been all these years! Laser & you kept being so patient.... now I've fully seen the light. -Ron